Monday, October 29, 2012

Using Wallwisher to Show New Learning

We have been sharing our learning using Instead of using sticky notes and sticking them to a chart I have made.  I put a wallwisher icon on my student's iPads so they can easily get to the site.  You need to create an account first before you begin.  Last week I had students share their learning about spiders using wallwisher. This is how it turned out.

Another way we are using Wallwisher is we participated in the Global Read Aloud this year.  Every Thursday 3 classes from British Columbia and my class read one chapter from Charlotte's Web on Google Hangout.  Therefore, each week a different teacher read to all 4 classes at the same time.  We finished reading the book last week and we wanted to do something together to finish the unit.  I created a wallwisher and sent the 3 other classes the link and the embed code so they could put it on their class website.  Therefore, all 4 classes can add to the wall.  We will be meeting this Thursday to discuss the wall and to do a culminating activity.  Please keep checking back to see how the wall changes throughout the week!

If you have used Wallwisher, I would love to hear how you have used it, or ideas you have to use it in a different way.


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