Monday, October 8, 2012

Paperless Classroom Part 2 (How to use the Automator App)

If you did not read my first post on "How To Set Up A Primary Paperless Classroom on iPads" here is the Link

This post is to show you how to create an automated action that takes one file, creates multiple copies itself and places in multiple folders of your choice. This can only be done on a Mac computer.

1. Create a new folder to sync files from.  This folder will allow the file(s) placed into it to sync to multiple folder at once.

I have named the sync folder “Assignment Folder Sync.”

2. Create a folder for each student in your Dropbox folder.

3. Start the Automator App. This app will be found in the Applications folder.

4. Choose  “Folder Action” from the dialogue box, then click on “Choose.”

5. Click on “Files and Folders.”

6. Then “Copy Finder Items.”

7. Click on the “Choose folder” tab next to Folder Action receives files and folders added to

8. Choose the new Sync Folder you created during the first step.

9. Drag and drop “Copy Finder Items” from the left to the right where it states “Drag actions for files here to build your workflow.”

10. Choose a student’s folder from your Dropbox folder that is next to the To: option.  You may have to click on “other…” to find your student’s folder that is inside your Dropbox folder.

11. Choose your first student’s folder.

12. Continue to drag and drop “Copy Finder Items” from the Actions menu on the left to the right.

Repeat steps 9 through 12 to add each of your student’s folders found in your Dropbox folder.

*Be sure to click File and Save… before exiting the Automator App.*

Now syncing the same file to multiple folders, even within Dropbox is a one step process of dragging and dropping the file to your automated folder that is synced.  


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