Friday, August 21, 2015

Primary Blogging Community Registration is OPEN

The Primary Blogging Community is currently accepting classes that blog for the October rotation.  The last rotation was a huge success with over 80 classes participating from all over the world. Here is a brief description of what the blogging community is:

What is the Primary Blogging Community?

The PBC is a community of primary teachers (K-4th grade) that want to share their students' learning via their classroom blog and their students' personal blogs.  Classrooms will be grouped with 3 or 4 other classrooms from around the globe.  The program is 5 weeks long.  The first week will concentrate on the classroom blogs only.  During this week, you will visit the other classes' class blog.  This is a chance for the other classes to see what is happening in your school and class, to discover where in the world you are located and to learn about how to write a good blog post and to watch how you model and work together to write a good comment.  After the first  week, we switch the focus from your classroom blog and concentrate on student blogs.  The second week, one class will be the focus class with the other 3 classes commenting on the first class' individual blogs.  The cycle continues for 3 more weeks.   The focus is solely on your student's individual blogs. 

Why join the Primary Blogging Community?

1.  You will be collaborating with other like minded educators on this project and in return will build your PLN.
2.  PBC creates enthusiasm in reading and writing.
3.  It gives your students a voice and lets them be the teacher to their peers.
4.  Your students will have a built in audience that will provide authentic feedback to what they are writing about on their blogs.
5.  On some days in the last rotation, my students had over 100 comments on their blogs!  The excitement and engagement piece to this blogging community is huge!  

What do I need to have to begin?

You need to have a classroom blog (could be a blog that is part of Kidblogs, just to give the rest of the participants some information about your school and community) and your students need their own personal blogs. We also communicate frequently on twitter, use #PrimaryBC on twitter and follow me on twitter for news and updates @mrswideen.

Where do I sign up?
Please fill in the google doc here.

When do we begin?

I will be closing registration September 21st and we will begin October 5th.

A few resources to get you on and your students ready:

Student Authored Portfolios: Archiving Learning With iPad  free iBook By Kathy Cassidy
Download Kidblog Here.
Download Edublogs Here.
Mrs. Wideen’s Class blogs Here
Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.44.00 AM.png

Download poster here


  1. Bonjour!
    What if we have a class blog, class twitter account public and students blogs that are password protected, could we still join in?

    1. As long as you can share the password with the 3 other classes your are teamed up with then it shouldn't be a problem.

  2. I have moved up to 4th grade this year. Are we still eligible to participate?

  3. You mention this as an October rotation. Will there be another one later during the school year?