Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Creating Videos With the ShowMe App On the iPads

Today we read "Splat The Cat Back to School, Splat!" This book is great for introducing or doing a quick review of rhyming, since cat and Splat are in the title. I  did a review of the word family "at" with my students.  Students were then partnered up and were asked to pick a word family and create a video to teach  younger students what a word family is.  Each pair of students were given an iPad and I gave them a quick tutorial on how to use the ShowMe app because I have 8 new students that were not in my class last year.  Students went to work and did a really good job for it being their first time with the ShowMe app this year.  Here is one of the videos that was created:
My next step is to upload the students' videos onto their Kidblogs because I want to use their blogs as digital portfolios this year.


  1. Hi Kristen,
    Thanks for sharing (and for Eric for sending me this way!).
    I am interested if you have used Explain Everything or Educreations as well as ShowMe? Is there a reason you prefer this app to the others like it? Always helpful to get your insight on this, as we are commonly asked to recommend. Thanks!

  2. Hi Chris,
    I have a simple explanation for using ShowMe. However, it may not be that helpful to you.... the ShowMe app and the Educreations app are very similar. However, there are a couple of important differences. Educreations allows the addition of multiple pages, wheres showMe does not. On the other hand, ShowMe just added a great feature for teachers. Teachers can create a class and add their student's. Therefore, student's can log in and have their own account without having to have an email account. Lastly, the Explain Everything app is a great app, however, it costs $2.99 and I have 20 iPads, so I am going to use the free apps that are similar and are also excellent apps.

  3. Thanks for sharing this show me application Kirsten. I am amazing by how many incredible ways we can use the show me app. I am also going to check out this "student account" bit of information you shared in the comment above. It must be wonderful to have so many of the same students this year.

  4. Hi Mrs. Wideen's Class!

    This is Burley106 from Chicago! Nice to meet you! We just watched your iPad rhyming movie. We loved it! Becca says you choice nice rhyming words. We heard a little noise, Sebastian wants to know what that was? It is good that we are reading each others blog says George. Do you do writing workshop too Hannah asks? You did a great job on that movie says Sydeney! How old are you?
    Thanks for being our blogging buddies! Let's chat soon!