Monday, April 1, 2013

Using TodaysMeet During Literacy

This past week, we welcomed the Early Years Teachers, Our Vice Principal, and our grade 1 teacher in to see how we incorporate our iPads and technology into our classroom.  We showed our guests how we use a website called TodaysMeet.  This website encourages the room to use a live stream to make comments and ask questions (Sort of like Twitter, but it is private).  I have used this in professional PD before and I knew that my students would love to try it.  I created a room (gave it a name and chose to keep the room open for 1 month) and then created a QR code with the web address so my students could quickly scan it using their iPads and it would take them to the site.  We have been working on making meaningful connections the past few days in class so I asked the students to make text to self connections while I read the story Koala Lou.  

Our guests were amazed at the engagement of this lesson.  My students typed feverishly while I read Koala Lou.  I stopped periodically through the story to make my own connections and to give my students time to add their connections.  You could hear a pin drop in my room during this activity.  When we concluded the activity, I told them we would come back to their connections the following day to figure out which kinds of connections help us the most.  My students couldn't wait to follow up the next day.

I have also used TodaysMeet to encourage predictions, ask questions and inferring.  While I read our current read aloud (Flat Stanley) students were encouraged to read the other responses on todays meet and to take the conversations of the book deeper.  Children began to collaborate to infer answers, solve problems and construct meaning.  

I love to hear, my students ask, "Can we use TodaysMeet today while you read to us?"  Have you ever used TodaysMeet?  I would love to hear how you are incorporating it into your classroom.


  1. Wow! What a great idea! It beats reading a story and having 20 hands shoot up at the same time! I have used TodaysMeet in PD, but not in the classroom. We don't have iPads, but I will share this with those who do :-)

  2. Very Impressive that 1st graders are using this! I will have to share with my colleagues:)

    On another note, I love the setup of your blog.How did you get the submenus to appear for your pages at the top? This is blogger correct?

    Thanks! Diane