Sunday, February 24, 2013

iPad Literacy Stations

Here are a few of my iPad literacy stations my students will be working on this week:

1. Lego Creation Station

At this station, I have pre packaged 4 different ziplock bags of 100 legos each.  Students will choose the lego bag, and take a planning sheet.  Students are asked to draw and write about what they are planning to create.  (The boys in my class are crazy about lego so I thought this would be a great motivator for them.)  Students then will build their creation using their blueprint.  When they are finished, they will take a picture of their creation, add it to the class book that I have created on the Book Creator App and write a summary of their creation and how it compared to what they had originally planned.

2. Non Fiction Features Book

We have been learning about features that are in non-fiction books.  I have created a book that is kind of like a scavenger hunt.  I have put a feature of a non fiction book on the top of each page and students need to take a picture to place under the title and where they found that feature.  Here is an example of one of the pages:
I also made pages for glossary, table of contents, photograph, diagram and captions.  I placed the book into my class dropbox folders and they will use the Remarks App to annotate and place the pictures into the book.  

3. Library Station

I have a station where the students can read and use sticky notes to record their thinking or practice a reading strategy we have been working on in class or there might be a few graphic organizers to use while they are reading.  This week, I am adding a bunch of joke books I checked out of the library and an iPad.  I'm adding these two things because my students are crazy for joke books right now and they are beginning to write their own jokes.  We have a classroom twitter account @mrswideensclass and they have been asking me if they can tweet out some of the jokes they have been sharing with the class.  They have also been recording themselves telling jokes using various apps on the iPads and embedding them on their blogs.  I will give them these ideas for this station, however, I am sure they will come up with better ways to incorporate the iPad on their own.

4. Fluency Station

I shared this station in a previous post.  I have my students record themselves using the Audioboo App. They listen to themselves reading and they assess themselves using a self assessment sheet I created.  If you are interested in downloading this station you can get it here.

How do you incorporate your iPad(s) into your daily stations?


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