Tuesday, November 13, 2012

More iPad Math Stations

Due to the overwhelming response to an earlier post on iPad Math Stations.  I have decided to share a couple more stations the students are currently working on.

1. Candy Math Station

Do you have left over Halloween candy in your house that you want to get rid of?  Are you tired of sneaking the good treats for yourself, when your children are in bed?  If so, this is the Math Station for you!  I am Canadian, so we had an abundance of Smarties (like M&M's for my American Friends).  I decided to do a sorting and graphing activity as one of the Math Stations.  Each child will get their own box of Smarties and will predict how many of each colour there are.  They will then record their predictions and find out the actual amounts.  When the students have completed this task, they will then fill in the graph according to their results.  I created the sheets, then uploaded them to their dropbox folders so they could open the PDF documents in the Remarks app, annotate, then save it into their dropbox folder.  Feel free to download the "I can" instructions for the Station and the 2 worksheets that go along with the Station here.

2. Telling Time Assessment Using Educreations

One of our grade 2 Learning Goals for our current unit is "Telling Time To The Quarter Hour."  I wanted to create a station that: 
1.   Assessed my students learning goal.
2.   Use an app that my students could use that they could easily embed the completed assessment onto         their blogs.
I decided to use the Educreations App.  I chose this app because you can create more than one page and I felt my grade 2 students would be able to embed their videos onto their blogs without teacher assistance.
Students were given a white sheet of paper with 4 times that I had written on it.    I had placed a picture of a clock in their dropbox folders to insert into the Educreations App.  Many students took a screen shot of the clock and inserted the picture from the camera roll.  Students then drew the hands on the clock and wrote the digital time in the corner.  They also recorded their voice saying the time.  Finally, students embedded the video they created onto their blogs.  Here are a couple of examples:

I love that my students' blogs are snapshots of what they are doing everyday.  Parents can easily access their child's blogs to see what we are doing in class and to see how they are progressing.  My students' blogs are not only written posts anymore.  There are videos, pictures,  and stories they have created that reflect what we are doing in class.


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