Monday, June 11, 2012

Using Wall Wisher on The iPads

I am so excited about what we did today using the iPads! My students and I use a lot of sticky notes everyday.  I mean A LOT!  My students always have a sticky note or two when I'm reading a book to write down questions, write a word down they don't understand or an interesting fact that they learned.  I also use them for making predictions, brainstorming and tickets out the door.  The sticky notes were getting out of control in my classroom!  They are and still will be a valuable tool for my students, however we wanted to be more environmentally friendly, which led me to my online search for an application that I  can do all of these things using the 20 iPads we currently have instead of always using sticky notes.  I needed a site or app that the students didn't need to sign in or use an email account because I have grade 1, so I needed something easy to use.  I tried many and put it out on twitter to see if anyone had an answer for me.  ‏Kristen Ziembe from @1stgradethinks mentioned that they use Wallwisher with their iPads so I created a wall, chose an icon to put on the iPads with the link to the wall (Thank you to K. Lirenman @lirenmanLearns for the help) and we were ready to try it out.  We were meeting up with our grade 7/8 reading and writing buddies today so I thought it would be a great opportunity to try it out.  I posted the question, "Why should we continue to have reading buddies this year?"  The students responded on the iPads their thoughts and I also had it posted on the smart board .  This was very easy to set up and for my students to use.  It worked out wonderfully!   I was so impressed on how well my students responded.  I can't wait to use again. This is how it turned out:


  1. This looks terrific! I'm so glad Wallwisher is now available on the iPad. I've been using it with my 1st graders quite a bit recently and I think it is fabulous. What a fun opportunity to share thinking and collaborate with peers. Well don!

  2. Mrs. Wideen this is wonderful and something I must check out. I tried it once on my class blog but had little success but now with more access to in class technology things just may be different. My question is, if I have it set up and the students use it from their own technology can I easily embed it on our class blog so EVERYONE can see what we've done? I am thinking about maybe making one for "My Favourite Memory of Grade One" or something like that. As usual my head is spinning after seeing such a great idea. Thank you for sharing.